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Disasters come in many forms, can occur anywhere at any time and run the gambit from natural causes such as earthquakes, fires, floods, and severe storms to man-made causes such as an active shooter and chemical spills. Knowing how to react and respond in a time of crisis can go a long way to keeping you and your students out of harm’s way. Whether in day care, K-12 or a college/university, school emergency preparedness efforts and emergency plans help to keep students and staff safe.

At Cal OES, our goal is to provide you with direct and easy access to pertinent emergency preparedness information and resources as they relate to schools throughout California and the nation. We hope you find the information provided below as a valuable tool in planning for, preparing for, responding to, and recovering from an emergency or disaster.

​School Planning and Preparedness

"Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today." Malcolm X
Getting California schools and our next generation of emergency managers educated on the risks and prepared for the next natural disaster is one of our our goals. Schools can take steps to plan for these potential emergencies through the creation of Emergency Operations Plan. Below are some resources that will assist school administrations to develop their emergency plans.

Safety Comes First

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The vast majority of California’s students will complete their schooling without ever being touched by violence.  Nevertheless, school attacks by students or intruders have shaken the image of our schools as being a reliably safe and secure environment. 

Here are resources to assist you with how to prepare for the unthinkable.

​Teen Community Emergency Response Team (Teen CERT)

FEMA's Teen CERT program teaches:

      • the hazards in all communities
      • readiness and response skills
      • how teens can help others in the event of a disaster with hands-on practice and realistic exercises
      • how teens can be leaders that could empower them to safely respond to an emergency and assist victims without endangering themselves or others

Watch the video that shows Rocklin's Maria Montessori Charter Academy Teen CERT in action.


​Events for Schools & Educators



Mutual Aid Regional Advisory Committee (MARAC) Southern Mutual Aid Regions I and VI Meeting Events/DispForm.aspx?ID=42Mutual Aid Regional Advisory Committee (MARAC) Southern Mutual Aid Regions I and VI MeetingMutual Aid Region I and VI, hold joint quarterly meetings. MARAC meetings were established to facilitate regional coordination and influence regional and state emergency management programs.7/27/2017 4:00:00 PM7/27/2017 7:30:00 PMChino Hills Community Center- 14250 Peyton Drive, Chino Hills, CA 91709 {FAF1D121-ECFF-49D7-AD80-32F63B9F2937}GP0|#065b718b-d598-44fd-a2c9-9f3cb3db8020;L0|#0065b718b-d598-44fd-a2c9-9f3cb3db8020|Regional Operations;GTSet|#35129ea4-2b69-4523-92bc-aa23dc2aa4fb0x0100E06C2D919CFD734A97280E79E87DD00B010100387324FD6D07944F8CCE6F443C5B6EED42
Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) Region VI Meeting Events/DispForm.aspx?ID=32Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) Region VI MeetingLEPC VI Provides a forum for emergency management agencies, responders, industry and the public to work together to evaluate, understand, create response plans, train, coordinate and communicate chemical hazards in the community.8/10/2017 5:00:00 PM8/10/2017 7:00:00 PMCounty of San Diego EHS 151 E. Carmel Street San Marcos, CA 92078 Call (858) 499-7104 to join in conference.{78FF4289-512B-4816-9C21-C8A07997623D}GP0|#065b718b-d598-44fd-a2c9-9f3cb3db8020;L0|#0065b718b-d598-44fd-a2c9-9f3cb3db8020|Regional Operations;GTSet|#35129ea4-2b69-4523-92bc-aa23dc2aa4fb0x0100E06C2D919CFD734A97280E79E87DD00B010100387324FD6D07944F8CCE6F443C5B6EED32


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