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“Preparedness is everyone's job. Not just government agencies but all sectors of society -- service providers, businesses, civic and volunteer groups, industry associations and neighborhood associations, as well as every individual citizen -- should plan ahead for disaster. During the first few hours or days following a disaster, essential services may not be available. People must be ready to act on their own.” ​

​​Plan & Prepare

​​​​What will you do if a disaster strikes today? Will you be ready?​​

This short instructional video, produced by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, explains  the key steps to emergency preparedness, including: 

  • ​being informed

  • making a plan

  • building a kit

  • and getting involved.​

​10 Ways to Be Prepared

Preparedness is something you can practice with your family!

Cal OES has tips, tricks, brochures and videos to help you learn what you can do around your home to ensure that you are ready for anything!

Our office is delegated by the Governor to support and enhance all phases of emergency management which include Preparedness, Response, Recovery and Mitigation. The Planning and Preparedness Division identifies a number of plans, guidance materials, support information, points of reference, and other materials to assist in development of a successful all-encompassing preparedness program.

Visit the 10 Ways to Be Prepared and get ready with us!

Visite al 10 Maneras de Estar Preparados​ y prepárate con nosotros!​

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​​​​Animals & Pet Planning

Don't forget about your furry friends!​

​If you are like millions of animal owners nationwide, your pet is an important member of your household. The likelihood that you and your animals will survive an emergency such as a fire or flood, tornado or terrorist attack depends largely on emergency planning done today. 

Some of the things you can do to prepare for the unexpected, such as assembling an animal emergency supply kit and developing a pet care buddy system, are the same for any emergency. Whether you decide to stay put in an emergency or evacuate to a safer location, you will need to make plans in advance for your pets. 

Keep in mind that what’s best for you is typically what’s best for your animals. 

How We Can Help​​

The California Governor'​s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) is delegated by the Governor to support and enhance all phases of emergency management which include: preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation.

The Planning and Preparedness division at Cal OES identifies a number of plans, guidance materials, support information, points of relevance, and other materials to assist in development of a successful all-encompassing preparedness program.

Planning for disasters starts at home, and the more informed you are, the better! Visit the links below to learn more about:​

​9-1-1 Services

The State of California, in concert with all public safety agencies, is dedicated to providing its citizens with the best emergency services possible. The goal of the 9-1-1 Emergency Communications Branch is to enable Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) to provide expedient telephone access to emergency services for all 9-1-1 callers. The 9-1-1 telephone number is a significant step in this direction. 

The Public Safety Communications, 9-1-1 Emergency Communications Branch, is committed to assisting PSAPs in the administration and funding of this lifesaving resource in their communities.​​​​

​Recovery After a Disaster

Cal OES respond to and aids in the recovery from emergencies within the State of California Under the authorities of the California Emergency Services Act (ESA), the California Disaster Assistance Act (CDAA), the federal Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act, and other legislation.

Within Cal OES, the Recovery Branch is responsible for managing disaster recovery and providing assistance to local governments and individuals impacted by disasters. Click on the following links to learn more.

Events for ​Individuals & Families



Mutual Aid Regional Advisory Committee (MARAC) Southern Mutual Aid Regions I and VI Meeting Events/DispForm.aspx?ID=30Mutual Aid Regional Advisory Committee (MARAC) Southern Mutual Aid Regions I and VI MeetingMutual Aid Region I and VI, they hold joint quarterly meetings. MARAC meetings were established to facilitate regional coordination and influence regional and state emergency management programs.4/26/2018 4:00:00 PM4/26/2018 7:00:00 PM Victoria Gardens Cultural Facility, 12505 Cultural Center Drive, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739{50BBBD64-2B78-404D-8C59-35933457DC3B}GP0|#065b718b-d598-44fd-a2c9-9f3cb3db8020;L0|#0065b718b-d598-44fd-a2c9-9f3cb3db8020|Regional Operations;GTSet|#35129ea4-2b69-4523-92bc-aa23dc2aa4fb0x0100E06C2D919CFD734A97280E79E87DD00B010100387324FD6D07944F8CCE6F443C5B6EED30
Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) Region VI Meeting Events/DispForm.aspx?ID=32Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) Region VI MeetingLEPC VI Provides a forum for emergency management agencies, responders, industry and the public to work together to evaluate, understand, create response plans, train, coordinate and communicate chemical hazards in the community.5/10/2018 5:00:00 PM5/10/2018 7:00:00 PMAirGas 1415 Grand Avenue San Marcos, CA 92078 Call (213) 576-7661 to join in conference.{78FF4289-512B-4816-9C21-C8A07997623D}GP0|#065b718b-d598-44fd-a2c9-9f3cb3db8020;L0|#0065b718b-d598-44fd-a2c9-9f3cb3db8020|Regional Operations;GTSet|#35129ea4-2b69-4523-92bc-aa23dc2aa4fb0x0100E06C2D919CFD734A97280E79E87DD00B010100387324FD6D07944F8CCE6F443C5B6EED32
State Hazard Mitigation Plan Review Events/DispForm.aspx?ID=8State Hazard Mitigation Plan ReviewCal OES Hazard Mitigation Planning is excited to announce that the 2018 State Hazard Mitigation Plan (SHMP) Public Review Draft is officially posted and ready for comment!5/16/2018 4:00:00 PM5/17/2018 12:00:00 AM<p>​The 2018 State Hazard Mitigation Plan Public Review Draft is out and the due date for comments is May 16, 2018.<br><br>This draft represents comprehensive and valuable input provided by State Hazard Mitigation Team members and stakeholders, and includes the following: updated risk assessment information for the state; disaster history and statistics; recent mitigation progress, success stories, and best practices; updated mitigation goals and objectives; updated mitigation strategies and actions; and other related content.<br><br>The draft documents and more information are avaliable <a href="/cal-oes-divisions/hazard-mitigation/hazard-mitigation-planning/state-hazard-mitigation-plan">here</a>.<br><br></p>{7957A7E5-E285-4513-A99A-6A9F80A7BE82}GP0|#05accaef-fdfa-4094-9d09-6fb9b3f3e46c;L0|#005accaef-fdfa-4094-9d09-6fb9b3f3e46c|Hazard Mitigation;GTSet|#35129ea4-2b69-4523-92bc-aa23dc2aa4fb0x0100E06C2D919CFD734A97280E79E87DD00B0101008DE01F25615D0D4A9C49B83C29DF7ABC8
State Emergency Response Commission (SERC) Meeting Events/DispForm.aspx?ID=23State Emergency Response Commission (SERC) MeetingCal OES is hosting the SERC meeting. For meeting details contact:; (916) 845-876810/30/2018 8:30:00 PM10/30/2018 11:00:00 PMCal OES Headquarters; 3650 Schriever Ave., MPR 1 & 2; Mather, CA 95655<p>​At the meeting, the SERC will conduct business on hazardous material(s) emergency planning and notification, as it pertains to the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act.</p>{25280061-E82F-4760-9381-25E5735DB21B}GP0|#8956b78c-ade5-4aa1-b9a6-2981aed508bc;L0|#08956b78c-ade5-4aa1-b9a6-2981aed508bc|Fire & Rescue;GTSet|#35129ea4-2b69-4523-92bc-aa23dc2aa4fb0x0100E06C2D919CFD734A97280E79E87DD00B0101000BEFB8DAF9062147909BB37E58F5E3B823


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