Regional Operations
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Cal EOC IconAs of September 30th, 2013 RIMS was retired and our new emergency response system CalEOC comes online supported by WebEOC technology! All the historical information in RIMS will continue to be available to view as an archive (see the bottom of this page for archives). All response activity information will be entered into the new system CalEOC.

Click the icon to log into CalEOC.

​Additional Resources for Cal EOC Users



Cal EOC Login Procedure EOC Login Procedure.pdfCal EOC Login ProcedureStep-by-Step instrutions with screenshots to assist you logging in. Rev. June 2014Cal EOC Training and Information4/6/2015 6:09:50 PM
RRS Mapping Module Mapping Module.pdfRRS Mapping ModuleThis user’s guide provides an overview of the Mapper user interface, its features and functions, as well as detailed instructions on the following. Cal EOC Training and Information4/6/2015 6:13:15 PM
Train-the-Trainer manual provides you detailed instructions and the knowledge that you will need to operate WebEOC during daily operations or in response to an emergency.Cal EOC Training and Information4/6/2015 6:12:23 PM
Web EOC Quick Reference Card EOC Quick Reference Card.pdfWeb EOC Quick Reference CardThis card provides at-a-glance information regarding operating Web EOCCal EOC Training and Information4/6/2015 6:15:26 PM
Web EOC Super User Manual EOC Super User Manual.pdfWeb EOC Super User ManualCal EOC Training and Information4/6/2015 6:14:16 PM

​Cal EOC Frequently Asked Questions



Can I adjust the format of a printed report?Can I adjust the format of a printed report?<p>​Yes. Right click on the screen you want to print and choose Print Preview. </p><p>On the print preview screen, change ‘As laid out on screen’ to ‘All frames individually’. Then click on Page Setup.</p><p>On Page Setup, Print Background Colors and Images and Enable Shrink to Fit are checked. Set the three header boxes to Empty and two of the three footer boxes to Empty. You can choose which of the three footers to print the Page # of Total Pages (left, center or right justified). You may also want to select Landscape rather than portrait depending on the report. Then select Ok. </p><p>Now you can click the Print button in the top left corner. This should give you a fairly good print without using the standard ‘print button’ on the screen or the PDF generator. </p>
I’m sure I’m entering a correct password and it won’t let me in? I’m on the CalEOC (blue and light grey) screenI’m sure I’m entering a correct password and it won’t let me in? I’m on the CalEOC (blue and light grey) screen<p>Have you changed the password from the original temporary password? Try that. If nothing works, you will have to ask a ‘Super User’ to reset the password for you. They will give you another temporary password and you will be required to change it upon logging in the next time. You can determine the appropriate ‘Super User’ to contact by accessing the Super User list below.</p>
What if I forget my user name or password for Cal EOC login?What if I forget my user name or password for Cal EOC login?<p>​Your user name is your work email address. If you forget your password for CalEOC you will need to contact your ‘Super User’ so they can reset your password for you. You can determine the appropriate ‘Super User’ to contact by access the Super User list below.</p>
What is the difference between the Activated Situation Report (editing) (published) and (working)?What is the difference between the Activated Situation Report (editing) (published) and (working)?<p>"Editing" is limited to specific positions (e.g., Sit/Stat Unit) who work on it. </p><p>"Working" is where users input data for inclusion in the Sit Rep. </p><p>"Published" is the read-only, official version that is approved for a specific operational period. </p>
Who currently has access to Cal EOC?Who currently has access to Cal EOC?<ul><li>​All Cal OES Personell</li><li>Staff from each of the 58 county emergency management agencies</li><li>California State Agencies with emergency response roles, including the CNG</li><li>Federal emergency management partners</li><li>Private sector and non-profit partners who have signed MOUs with Cal OES</li></ul>
Why does it sometimes say “Session Expired” when I log on? Why does it sometimes say “Session Expired” when I log on? <p>​That is another security feature of the system. Even if you’ve logged out correctly, the system requires that you close out the entire browser as well before logging on again. If you have closed all browsers and continue to receive the error message please contact the IT Service Desk @ 916-845-8311.</p>
Why don’t I see any information on the Activity Log?Why don’t I see any information on the Activity Log?<p>You must go to Significant Events to find any ‘shared entries’ of the Activity Log. Activity Log entries are restricted to the  ‘position’ that created the entry. However entries of importance can be routed to ‘Significant Events’ within an EOC environment. </p>
Will the other agencies like cities and special districts have access to Cal EOC?Will the other agencies like cities and special districts have access to Cal EOC?<p>​Additional user groups have been added as a future scope consideration.</p>

​Cal EOC Super Users

Planning, Preparedness, and Prevention ​ ​
Planning and Preparedness ​ ​
Jim Brown​​(916) 845-8796​​
Kristina Moffitt​​(916)
Cindy Nolan ​(916) 845-8764​​
Scott Marotte​​(916) 845-8780​​
Nate Ortiz(916)
Jeff Newman​​​(916)
Mitigation Planning ​ ​
Jose Lara​(916) 845-8883​​
Megan Walton​​(916) 845-8766​​
Training and Exercise ​ ​
Elaine Viray​(916)
Al Lehenbauer​​(916)
Earthquake and Tsunami ​ ​
Sharon Blankenheim​(916)
Yvette LaDuke​(562)
​Response and Recovery Operations
Response Operations
​Dan Bout​(916) 845-8484​​
​Lee Dorey​​​​(916) 845-8480Lee.Dorey​​​
​Duane Valenzuela​​​​(916) 845-8492Duane.Valenzuela​​​
​Erika Baker​​​​​(916) 845-8524​
​Laurie Mendoza​​​​​​(916) 845-8478​
​Megan Pappas​​​​(916) 845-8523​​Megan.Pappas​​​
​​Phillip Labra​(916)
Inland Administrative Region
​​Ken Bobinski​​​​​(916)
​​Dana Ellis​​​​​(916) 657-9372​​
​Kim Nielsen ​​​​​​(530) 621-5356​​
​Elsy Votino​​​​​(209) 953-6082​​
​​Lindsey Stanley​​​​​(916)
​Terri Mejorado​(559)
​Patti Tran(916)
​​Kyle Noderer(530) 406-4936​​
​Lori Pini ​(916)
​Robert Goyeneche​-​​
Coastal Administrative Region
​​David Cruise​​​​(650) 388-0008​​​David.Cruise​​​
​​Catrina Christian​​​​​​(510)
​​Nancy Smith​​​​​​(510) 520-3057​​
​​Roger Sigtermans​​​​​​(415)
​​Memoree McIntire​​​(510)
​​​Southern Administrative Region
​​Mona Bontty​​​​​(562) 795-2900​​
​Douglas Huls​​​​​(562) 795-2909​​
​​​Jeff Toney​​​​(562) 795-2910​​​​Jeff.Toney​​​
​Justin Freiler​​​​(805) 681-5526Justin.Freiler​​​
​Joanne Phillips​​​​​(619) 220-5369​​
​​Pastor Guevara​​​​​(562) 795-2955​​
​​Sonia Brown​​​​​(562) 795-2908​​
Jim Acosta​​​​​(562) 795-2939​​
​​Jeanne Garcia​​​​​(562) 795-2935​​
​​Cruz Ponce​​​​(562) 795-2933​​​Cruz.Ponce​​​
​​Karla Benedicto​​​​​(562) 795-2903​​
​​Sherryl Jones​​​​​(562) 795-2973​​
​​Yolande Love​​​​​(562) 795-2904​​
​​Gabriela Navar​​​​(562) 795-2937​​​Gabriela.Navar​​​
​​Jenny Novak-​​​
Law Enforcement Branch
​​Paul Tassone​​​​​(916) 845-8705​​
​​Dan Dailey​(916) 845-8422​​​
​​​​​Greg Smith​​​​​(510) 207-8976​​
​​Paul Walters​​​​​(562) 795-2956​​
​​Dacia Young​​​​​​(916) 845-8709​​
​​Casey Granados​​​​(916) 845-8667​​​Casey.Granados​​​
​​Sunday Ippolito​​​​(916) 845-8706​​​Sunday.Ippolito​​​
​​Eric Broughton​(916) 531-5948​​​
State Threat Assessment Center
​Debbie Davenport​(916)
​Cole Ferrier​(916)
​Fire and Rescue Branch
​​Brian Woodbeck​​​​(916)
​​Bill Bondshu​​​​​​(559) 284-1580​​
​​Lori Lopez​​​​​(916) 845-8722​​
​​Brian Abeel​​(916)
Warning Center
​​Rachel Sierer Wooden​​​​​(916) 845-8911​​​Rachel.SiererWooden​​​​
​Grady Tunnell​(916) 845-8911​​
Recovery Operations
​Sean Smith​​(916)
​​Tamara Scott​​(916) 845-8245​​
​John Catchings​(916) 845-8204​​
Public Assistance
​Judith Fredericks​​(916) 845-8148​​
​Karen Estampa​​(916) 845-8241​​
Individual Assistance
​​Katrina Palomar​​(916) 845-8146​​
​David Meyer​​(916) 845-8604​​
​Ben Green​​(916) 845-8603​​
​George Lowry​​(916) 845-8608​​
​Jeffrey Howell​​(916) 845-8615​​
​Mike Beckstrand(916)
​Kimberley Hansen​​(916) 845-8546​​
​John Hudson​​​(619) 250-9063​​​


​Logistics Management
​Ron Williams​(916) 845-8114​​
​Public Safety Communications
​Michele Williams​(916)
​Joni Hamblin​(916)
​Leslie Hamilton​(916)
Disaster Logistics
​​Chris Hacker​(916) 845-8929​​​
​Brian Smith​(916) 845-8966​​
​John Williams​(916) 621-8648​​
Information Technology
​Stacy Amberson​​(916)


​Finance and Administration
​Administrative Services ​ ​
Sara Stillwell ​ ​ ​​​​​(916)
Esthermarie Miramontes​(916)
Mary Rucker ​​(916)
Budgets ​ ​
​Angela Smith​(916) 845-8156​​
Accounting ​ ​
​​Gemma Domingo​(916)
​Kris Plaza​(916) 845-8364​​
​Cathie Lockwood​(916) 845-8365​​
​Bernice Umstead​(916)
Fiscal Analysis ​ ​
​Shelly Sanders​(916) 845-8129​​
​Cari Porter​(916) 845-8525​​




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