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California Specialized Training Institute
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Picture of training roomThe California Specialized Training Institute (CSTI) delivers specialized training throughout California as well as at its main campus in San Luis Obispo year-round. Currently, CSTI offers over 100 course titles in the disciplines of emergency management, criminal justice/officer safety, terrorism, hazardous materials, disaster mitigation, preparedness and recovery, and crisis communications.

CSTI can also develop custom courses for your organization or jurisdiction. CSTI uses national standards and curriculum as the core of its training delivery program. Many of CSTI's courses can be applied to FEMA's Advanced Professional Series, or the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services Specialist Certificate and Credentialing programs.

CSTI delivers training to state and local government agencies, tribal organizations, businesses, non-profit organizations, and numerous other organizations. CSTI designs a variety of training for entry-level, mid-career, senior management, and executive level professionals.

Training Delivery Group

Assignments & Contact Information

Robert Lewis, Training Delivery Group Manager
(805) 549-3543
· Overall Program and Personnel Management of Training Delivery Group
· Course Scheduling & Deployment
· Course Management Assignments
· Review and Approval of Course Notifications, Course Budgets & Adjunct Instructor Contracts
· Special Projects
Bruce Gadbois, CSTI-Outreach Manager
(805) 549-3554
· Essential Emergency Management Concepts: All Hazards (formerly “Earthquake”)

Vance Bennett, Course Manager
(805) 549-3010
· Haz Mat Technician Modules A and B
· Technical Reference Specialist

Karen Jackson, Course Manager/TSCG
(805) 549-3554
· Disaster/Emergency Planning (G235)
· Disaster Mitigation (G393)
· Disaster Recovery (G270.4)
· Local Volunteers/Donations Mgmt. (G288)
· Community Mass Care (G108)

Michael Brady, TSCG Manager

(805) 549-3548
· Emergency Management Train-the-Trainer
· ICS Summary for Executives (ICS-402)
· Enhanced Exercise Design, Conduct, and Evaluation (EEDCE)


Matt Krimsky, Course Manager

(805) 549-3759
· Haz Mat Technician Modules C and D
· WMD Terrorism for Technician/Specialist
· Technician/Specialist Refresher
· Hospital First Receiver: Decontamination
· Continuing Challenge Committee


Dan Casner, Course Manager
(916) 261-4082
· Instructor Certification
· Instructor Certification for Trainers
· First Responder Awareness/Operations
· First Responder Operations/Decon
· Incident Commander

Anthony Lukin, Course Manager
(805) 549-3541
· Initial CSTI Contact for Range and Tactical Warehouse Usage
· Officer Safety and Field Tactics (OSFT)
· OSFT in the Terrorist Environment
· Officer Safety Tactical Seminars
· Active Shooter
· Terrorism Intelligence Analysis
· Managing Sustained Operations

Robert Christano, Course Manager
(805) 226-6740
· Terrorism I – International Terrorism
· Terrorism II – Domestic Terrorism
· Terrorism III – Advanced Counterterrorism Strategies
· Terrorism Specialist Update
· Terrorism Special Seminars

Rich Robles, Course Manager (RA)
(805) 431-3088
· Basic Public Information Officer (G290)
· Advanced Public Information Officer (L0388)
· Joint Information Center /Joint Information System (G291)

Richard Rodriguez, Course Manager/TSCG
(805) 549-3652
· ICS-EOC Ops Interface (G191)
· EOC Management & Operations (G775)
· Rapid Assessment Workshop (G557)
· Essential EOC Section/Positions Specific
· Essential EOC Action Planning
· FEMA Corps – Lead

Brian Holland, Range Master
(805) 610-3038
· OSFT Field Training Support & Coordination
· Massey Range Operations & Scheduling Support
· Tactical Warehouse 1306 Operations & Scheduling Support
· Logistical Support / Armorer
· Tactical Training Props Fabrication

Jim Tate, Course Manager
(805) 549-3397
· Haz Mat Training Lead Coordinator
· Haz Mat Specialist Modules F – G
· Rail Car Safety
· Assistant Safety Officer

Matt Palmer, Maintenance Mechanic / Lead Equip Tech
(805) 549-3306
· Haz Mat Equipment Technicians Coordinator
· Technical and Logistical Support for All Haz Mat Courses
· Haz Mat Equipment Maintenance & Repair
· Haz Mat Inventory Control and Ordering
​Jacob Volkov, Course Manager/TSCG
(805) 549-3203
· Basic Hazardous Materials Investigations
· Adv. Environmental Crimes Investigations
· General Site Worker/Industry Technician
· FEMA Corps – Support

NOTE: CSTI courses not identified above will be assigned to staff, as needed.



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