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2018-19 Homeless Youth Innovative Services (HI) Program RFPThe purpose of the HI Program is to provide innovative and comprehensive services to support homeless youth in exiting street life.Human Trafficking Programs$1,000,000245
2018-19 Human Trafficking Advocacy (HA) Program RFPThe purpose of the HA Program is to provide funding to Victim/Witness Assistance Centers with a demonstrated history of providing services to victims of human trafficking. This program is for projects that provide services to human trafficking victims, but need additional staff and support to identify and provide comprehensive services. Human Trafficking Programs$3,900,000247
2018-19 Victim Service Training (KV) Program RFPThe purpose of the KV Program is to develop innovative training on working with victims of cybercrime/identity theft. The target audience must be the victim service providers and/or others who work with cybercrime/identity theft. All cybercrime/identity theft training shall be in person using subject matters experts.Sexual Assault Programs$400,000249
2018-19 Victim Legal Assistance (KL) Program RFPThe purpose of the KL Program is to increase the availability of holistic civil and criminal legal assistance needed to effectively aid adult and youth victims of crime who are seeking relief in legal matters relating to that crime at no cost to the victim. Funds may not be used to provide criminal defense services. Human Trafficking Programs$3,000,000242
2018-19 Transitional Housing (XH) ProgramThe Program will support transitional housing, short-term housing assistance, and supportive services, including follow-up services that move victims of crime into permannent housing.Human Trafficking Programs$9,600,000243



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