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​Public Safety Programs (formerly known as Criminal Justice Programs)

The Public Safety Programs provide funding to programs that train law enforcement, court education, victim notification, victim/witness assistance, internet crimes against children prevention, reducing crime lab backlogs, and postconviction DNA testing.

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​Public Safety Programs by Unit:

The Public Safety Programs are administered by the Criminal Justice and Victim/Witness Units. The following is a list of Public Safety Programs by unit:



Postconviction DNA Testing Assistance (DNA) Program DNA Testing Assistance (DNA) ProgramCriminal Justice Unit6/6/2017 9:40:40 PM
Paul Coverdell Forensic Science Improvement Act (CQ) Program Coverdell Forensic Science Improvement Act (CQ) ProgramCriminal Justice Unit6/6/2017 9:12:05 PM
Internet Crimes Against Children (IC) Program Crimes Against Children (IC) ProgramCriminal Justice Unit6/6/2017 9:12:48 PM
Law Enforcement Specialized Units (LE) Program Enforcement Specialized Units (LE) ProgramCriminal Justice Unit6/6/2017 9:13:31 PM
Law Enforcment Training (PO) Program Enforcment Training (PO) ProgramCriminal Justice Unit6/6/2017 9:14:18 PM
Sexual Assault Law Enforcement Specialized Units (ST) Program Assault Law Enforcement Specialized Units (ST) ProgramCriminal Justice Unit6/6/2017 9:15:13 PM
Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN) Program Safe Neighborhoods (PSN) ProgramCriminal Justice Unit6/6/2017 9:16:00 PM
Victim Services Information (VI) Program Services Information (VI) ProgramCriminal Justice Unit6/6/2017 9:16:41 PM
Victim Notification (VT) Program Notification (VT) ProgramCriminal Justice Unit6/6/2017 9:17:20 PM
County Victim Services (XC) Program Victim Services (XC) ProgramCriminal Justice Unit6/6/2017 9:18:06 PM
Crisis Response Training (CR) Program Response Training (CR) ProgramVictim/Witness Unit6/6/2017 9:20:12 PM
Court Education and Training (CW) Program Education and Training (CW) ProgramVictim/Witness Unit6/6/2017 9:21:22 PM
Legal Training (LT) Program Training (LT) ProgramVictim/Witness Unit6/6/2017 9:22:03 PM
Probation Officer Training (PT) Program Officer Training (PT) ProgramVictim/Witness Unit6/6/2017 9:22:54 PM
Probation Specialized Supervision (PU) Program Specialized Supervision (PU) ProgramVictim/Witness Unit6/6/2017 9:24:00 PM
California Victim/Witness Advocate Training (TP) Program Victim/Witness Advocate Training (TP) ProgramVictim/Witness Unit6/6/2017 9:25:01 PM
Victim Information and Notification Everyday (VINE) Program Information and Notification Everyday (VINE) ProgramVictim/Witness Unit6/6/2017 9:25:48 PM
Violence Against Women Vertical Prosecution (VV) Program Against Women Vertical Prosecution (VV) ProgramVictim/Witness Unit6/6/2017 9:26:50 PM
Victim/Witness Assistance (VW) Program Assistance (VW) ProgramVictim/Witness Unit6/6/2017 9:27:43 PM

JLBC Report

​The Joint Legislative Budget Committee (JLBC) Report is submitted at the beginning of each year. The JLBC highlights the Victim Services and Public Safety programs that Cal OES administers and the three years of past, current and future funding amounts.​



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