Financial Accountability & Compliance

Financial Accountability & Compliance
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FAC ​Overview

Financial Accountability & Compliance (FAC), comprised of the Fiscal​ and Grants Monitoring, is responsible for ensuring the department’s financial integrity and compliance with federal and state rules and regulations, establishing accountability and transparency, as well as, safeguarding state assets. FAC also operates as the department’s liaison on all international affairs such as assisting with policy recommendations regarding emergency management, coordinating international delegations, and collaborating on bi-national memorandums of understanding with various countries.


Fiscal Analysis and Cost Recovery provides financial analysis and consultation on state operations to the various directorates within Cal OES. This includes  monitoring and reconciling monthly budget expenditures and allocations to ensure the directorates and their programs are operating within their approved budget allotment.

​Grants Monitoring

The Grants Monitoring Branch provides fiscal and administrative oversight of all Cal OES grants through review of an organization's processes to ensure compliance with the rules, laws, and guidelines governing federal grant awards. Cal OES accomplishes this oversight function through "monitoring." Please visit the Grants Monitoring section provided below to give you an idea of what monitoring is and how to prepare for a review or visit.

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International Affairs

The Cal OES International Affairs Office (International Affairs) is the central hub for matters regarding international policy and guidelines, working relationships and special international projects.

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