Disability Advisory Committee

Equal Employment Opportunity Programs
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​Disability Advisory Committee (DAC) Overview​

The DAC assists Cal OES in its efforts to enhance employment and promotional opportunities, as well as equal treatment and physical and programmatic access for persons with disabilities.

The DAC focuses its efforts on the following:
Serve as technical advisors to the department head and EEO Officer on the development, implementation, and maintenance of equal employment opportunity and affirmative action programs and activities for employees with disabilities.

Initiate, design, coordinate, and implement projects that will improve the personnel practices and employment opportunities for persons with disabilities in order to facilitate their representation at all levels within the department.

Establish liaisons with groups and organizations that are concerned with achieving representation and utilization of persons with disabilities in the department's workforce.

Monitor issues concerning the DAC to guarantee that necessary actions occur within reasonable timeframes.

Assist and advise staff on issues relating to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

​Disability Advisory Committee Members

  • ​Robin Frazier - DAC Oversight
  • Nicole Holm - DAC Chair
  • Diane Kuncz - DAC Secretary
  • Amy Stewart
  • Christine Hoover
  • David Eslinger
  • ​Frances Jens
  • Grace Koch
  • LaCandice McCray
  • Linell Walker
  • Mark Fagan
  • Melanie Lusi
  • Pam Rarick
  • ​Renee Jackson
  • Ricki Hammett
  • Sourideth Saengkhamphong
  • Teri Flores
  • Tim Tribble
  • Tracy McDonald
  • Vance Taylor




DAC Bylawshttp://www.caloes.ca.gov/EqualEmploymentOpportunityProgramsSite/Documents/DAC Bylaws final.pdfDAC BylawsBylawsDAC Information10/11/2016 5:05:05 PM



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