State Level Exercise

Cal OES' State-Level Exercise Program

First implemented in 2004, Cal OES’ annual state-level exercise series has become the most comprehensive preparedness exercise program in the country. The annual exercise series is designed to assess emergency operations plans, policies, and procedures for all-hazards/catastrophic incidents at the local, regional, state, and federal levels.

2015-16 Capstone California Exercise Series

In accordance with Cal OES direction, CC15/16 is being designed as a two year long exercise cycle.  At the middle of the series will be the CC15/16 Capstone Functional Exercise (FE).  Prior to the FE, activities will focus on planning the FE and conducting a series of seminars, workshops, tabletop exercises (TTXs), and drills associated with the aforementioned program objectives.  The year following the FE will include a set of after-action events that address topics not covered in the response-oriented FE, and continuing follow-on workshops and TTXs that progress efforts initiated prior to the FE.

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2015/16 Capstone California Exercise Series Contacts


Steve Nunez - So. Region Exercise Planner  Desk: 916-826-8433



Elaine Viray - Co-Lead (Northern). N. Region Exercise Planner  Desk: 916-845-8497

Dan Shemenski - Operations  Desk:  916-845-8590

Kevin Leisher - Plans/Intel  Desk:  916-845-8557

2017:  To Be Determined (collecting stakeholder input)

2018:  To Be Determined (collecting stakeholder input)

Scheduled Exercises

2015/16 Capstone California Exercise Series

  • Capstone California 15/16:  An opportunity to build on lessons learned from Golden Guardian 2008 & 2012

Capstone California 15/16 Exercises


  • Initial Planning Meeting (IPM) - July 17, 2014 
  • Air Operations Working Group Workshop - Date TBD
  • Water Conveyance Task Force Tabletop Exercise (TTX) - Date TBD
  • Critical Utilities Working Group Workshop - Date TBD
  • Mid-Planning Meeting (MPM) - November 5, 2015 


  • Last Mile Resources Management Workshops - January 14, 15, 21, 2015
  • ROC Drill - March 26, 2014
  • Capstone Functional Exercise (FE) - April 16, 2015
  • Capstone Full Scale Exercise (FSE) - May  13, 2015
  • After Action Planning Meeting - August 2015 - Date TBD