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2017 Homeland Security Grant Program (HSGP) for California State Agencies RFPThe purpose of this HSGP for California State Agencies RFP is to support state agency security enhancement projects that fall within one of the Cal OES HSGP Investment Justifications.RFP$2,000,000170
2017-18 Statewide Prevention Coordination (PP) Program RFAThe purpose of the PP Program is to facilitate statewide coordination of domestic violence (DV) and sexual violence (SV) prevention, provide technical assistance to Cal OES on the development and implementation of DV and SV prevention programs, and provide training and technical assistance to the Teen Dating Violence Prevention (TV) Program and the Family Violence Prevention (FV) Program recipients.Victim Services125,000177
2017-18 Campus Sexual Assault (CT) Program RFAThe California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES), Victim Services and Public Safety Branch, is pleased to announce the release of the Campus Sexual Assault (CT) Program Request for Application (RFA) for fiscal year 2017-18. Victim Services$432,000184
2017-18 Crisis Response Training (CR) Program RFAThe purpose of the CR Program is to develop and provide: comprehensive crisis response training to local Victim/Witness Programs and multi-disciplinary teams.Victim Services$100,000183
2017-18 Homeless Youth Emergency Services and Housing (YE) Program RFPThe YE Program is to establish new, or expand capacity, to a range of housing options that meet the needs of homeless youth, and to provide crisis intervention and stabilization services to homeless youth so that the immediate crises these youth face can be resolved and they can focus on their futures. Human Trafficking Programs$10,000,000179

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