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2017-18 Human Trafficking Advocacy (HA) Program RFAThe HA Program funds Victim/Witness Assistance Centers – centers that have a demonstrated partnership, collaboration, and/or coordination of services with an Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force within the county and/or service area(s) – to provide comprehensive services to victims of human trafficking. To be eligible to receive funding for the HA Program, the Applicant must be one of the nine agencies which received funding in fiscal year 2016-17.Human Traffickng Programs$983,856168
2017-18 Youth Emergency Telephone Referral Network (YT) ProgramThe purpose of the YT Program is to connect youth in need of services with the appropriate service agencies. The telephone referral network hotline provides a non-threatening, toll-free number, which can be accessed by youth anywhere in the State. The California Coalition for Youth (CCY) is the only agency eligible to apply for the YT Program funding for 2017-18. RFA$626,800169
2017-18 Victim Service Training (KV) Program RFPThe purpose of the KV Program is to provide innovative training to victim service providers. Applicants must identify an existing training need.Sexual Assault Programs$800,000162
2017-18 Law Enforcement Specialized Units (LE) Program RFPThe purpose of the LE Program is to create or enhance specialized units to provide a coordinated response to victims of domestic violence and their children. Applicant must be a city or county law enforcement department within the State of California, as defined in CA Penal Code Section 830.1.Criminal Justice Programs$1,422,000165
2017-18 Electronic Suspected Child Abuse Report System (ES) Program RFPThe purpose of the ES Program is to establish a database which allows for the sharing of electronic suspected child abuse reports among district attorney's offices, local law enforcement, and county child welfare departments. Applicants eligible to apply for the ES Program are county district attorney's offices.Children's Programsapproximately $750,000163


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