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Grants Management
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Cal OES's Grants Processing Division is comprised of two units:​

  • Victim Services/Public Safety & Emergency Management Grants Processing Unit

  • Homeland Security & Prop 1B Grants Processing Unit

Victim Services/Public Safety & Emergency Management Grants Processing Unit

The Victim Services/Public Safety & Emergency Management Grants Processing Unit is responsible for the processing of federal and state funding obligations to Cal OES Subrecipients. It is also responsible for ensuring all correct requests for Grant Subawards, Grant Modifications, and Grant Subaward Amendments are processed in a timely manner. The Victim Services/Public Safety & Emergency Management Grants Processing Unit also maintains and updates the Subrecipient Handbook, which governs our Subrecipients.

Homeland Security Grants Processing Unit

The Homeland Security Grants Processing Unit (HS Grants Processing) is responsible for the processing of Reimbursements, Modifications, and Amendments for Homeland Security Grant Programs. HS Grants Processing is also responsible for managing the Financial Management Forms Workbook (FMFW), submitting the Biannual Strategy Implementation Report (BSIR), and completing the Monthly Accomplishment Summaries. The Unit also conducts workshops biannually to our Subrecipients on the FMFW and BSIR.



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