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2016-17 Crisis Response Training (CR) Program RFAThe purpose of the CR Program is to develop and provide: comprehensive crisis response training to local Victim/Witness Programs and multi-disciplinary teams.Victim Services$100,000131
2016-17 Increased Access to Services (XU) Program RFPThe XU Program is designed to provide one-time funding to victim service providers to increase physical and/or programmatic access to services for victims of crime with disabilities, including those with access and functional needs.Victim Services$2,500,000129
2016-17 Tribal Crisis Response Training (CH) Program RFAThe purpose of the CH Program is to develop and provide comprehensive crisis response services to Tribes in California.Victim Services$100,000130
2016-17 Homeless Youth Emergency Services Pilot (HY) Program RFPThe purpose of the HY Program is to expand crisis intervention and stabilization services to homeless youth so that the immediate crises these youth face can be resolved and they can focus on their futures.Human Trafficking$10,000,000127
2016-17 Teen Dating Violence Prevention (TV) Program RFAThe TV Program will expand and build the capacity of local prevention efforts by funding local organizations to implement/evaluate comprehensive school-based teen dating violence prevention programs that seek to address school climate change.Victim Services$500,000128


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